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Support Wholesale, support OEM Real time 1CH Mini HD XBOX DVR PCB Board 30fps support 512GB sd Card video recording DVR module for CVBS camera

Support Wholesale, support OEM Real time 1CH Mini HD XBOX DVR PCB Board 30fps support 512GB sd Card video recording DVR module for CVBS camera

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Factory direct sales,Support Wholesale, support OEM
OEM: You can customize your logo the startup screen. Wholesale more than 50 pieces customized
If you need customization, please contact me. 
Whatsapp: +86 137 9825 0203

This product uses the most advanced image processing technology to make the output image quality lossless, whether it is in the previewlt is almost equal to the original image quality when the video is played ' back, which solves the problem that many users use analog cameras as inputThe image quality is seriously degraded after DVR processing. At I the same time, we use H265+MP4 video technology to makeVideo files ar esmaller in size and have a wider application range, and video files can be played back on. various multimedia devices.

Product Features
1. Support NTSC PAL camera
2. Support H264 H265 image compression technology
3• Support up to 512G SD card
4. Image sett i ngs,
5. Support snap during video recording
6. Video sett ings.
7.Support SD card upgrade firmware
8.Support remote control operation
9• Support MP4 video file format
10• Support power failure protection function
11.Multi-language support Chinese, English, German, Spanish,
• Polish, French

System language    Include : Chinese/English/German/Spain/Po1ish/French
data storage    SD card (support up to 512G)
voltage range: Input 9-30V
Compression format:H. 264/H. 265
Video mode:utomatic / manual
Video standard:CVBS
Video format    :MP4
Playback software:VLC media pLayer/WINAMP
Operating temperature:-30° ~+70°
size:    5cm*6. 7cm*3 (cm)
weight:Net weight 75 grams
Control Method:    Remote control/button/serial port
Snap an image:    Support to capture pictures during recording
Watermark:    Support watermark off
Power protection    :Support overload, short circuit and reverse connection
reset:    support
Automatic coverage:    Optional whether to be overwritten
Power consumption:    1. 3W
Powerfailureprotection:    Support abnormal power failure protection
Mirror settings:    Support mirror setting
Image adjustment:    Support image adjustment
Fastforwardandrewind:    support
Play video jump:    press the up and down keys to jump to the next video
USB read:    Connect to computer to read SD card data
U disk storage:No support , To be developed

1. Check if the SD card indicator light is on
On: Press the remote control record button to still not start recording, please check whether the storage space of the SD card has been used up, if it has been used up, please empty itSD card, if it still fails to record, please check whether the SD card is genuine or the SD card is damaged.
No light: Please format the SD card into FAT32 file system format and insert it into the machine. If the problem is still not solved, please check whether the SD card is a genuine card or is damaged.
2. The remote control cannot be operated
Check whether the battery in the remote control is charged. If not, replace the battery with the same model.
3. Can't see the camera image
1.    Please check whether there is any problem with the signal connection between the camera and the DVR, and check whether the power supply of the camera is normal.
2.    Check whether the camera format is consistent with the DVR system format, if not, please modify the DVR system format to make it consistent.
(Please refer to 5. 6 system video format for modification method)
4.No video output
L Please check if the signal connection between the DVR and the monitor is normal.
2.    Please check whether the power supply of the monitor and DVR is normal.
3.    DVR output is CVBS video signal, check whether the monitor supports it.
4.    Check whether the video input channel of the monitor is the channel currently connected to the DVR.
5. Preview screen freezes
1. Please re-set the DVR system format to be consistent with the camera, and restart the DVR after setting.

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