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Support Wholesale, support OEM Mini DVR CVBS 1CH Video Recorder SD card Real Time Analog AV in 1DVR For CCTV Kit Security System Mini DVR

Support Wholesale, support OEM Mini DVR CVBS 1CH Video Recorder SD card Real Time Analog AV in 1DVR For CCTV Kit Security System Mini DVR

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Factory direct sales,Support Wholesale, support OEM
OEM: You can customize your logo the startup screen. Wholesale more than 50 pieces customized
If you need customization, please contact me. 
Whatsapp: +86 137 9825 0203

analog camera Mini DVR 1CH CCTV  SD card video recording DVR with AV cable  , remote control , 24Hourly loop recording

Item Description:
It is a micro DVR availbale for both home and car used. 

SD card video recorder board is a high-performance, high-definition digital video recorder; board is 60*45mm. It adapts MPEG-4 video compression, and single channel resolution  up to D1(704*576), 30fps, is a fully real-time, high-definition, low power consumption, easy-operated, super-smart professional DVR.

It supports power-up record, motion detect record, scheduled record, and manual record, SD card up to 32GB expandable, and directly playback by TV sets, monitor, and PC by SD card reader.



1. MPEG-4 video compression
2. D1(704*576) resolution
3. MPEG-4/ASF video format, MP3 audio format
4. Real-time stamp on videos, overwrite
5. Manual/scheduled/power-up record
6. audio input, audio compression 8KHZ/ADPCM
7. 5/15/30fps optional 
8. SDHC memory support, up to 32GB 
9. TV-out enables better resolution by TV set
10. MPEG-4/ASF playback
11. AV-IN, AV-OUT directly connect with camera, TV, monitor
12. Support IR remote operation, built-in ADC for external keyboards
13. Support manually snapshot, auto record by triggering port
14. Built-in RS232 series port, enables external remote, keyboard for operation and software set-up
15. 5-35V for wide power supply use
16. Low power-consumption, 1W when standby, 2W when recording
17. Electronic dog ensures normal working
18. Board dimension: 60*45mm, net weight 100g, with position holes for different expandable use


Board application:

The board supports wide voltage input, suitable for all vehicles use; 
SD card for storage avoid vehicle shock; 
resolution D1/VGA/QVGA and frames 5/15/30fps optional for different requirements in different conditions.


Packing List:

1x Mini Xbox DVR 
1x Power adapter
1x Remote control
3x AV/dc cable


Q: DVR can not read SD card
A: Please use 1GB to 32GB genuine SD card.

Q: No images on TV after turn on the DVR.
A: Please check the cable is correctly connected. Yellow connector should connect with
video input port on TV.

Q: No sounds when playing video.
A: Please check the cable is correctly connected. Red connector should connect with a
udio input port on TV.
B: The camera connected with DVR should be with audio feature

Q: No recorded files in SD card after system records.
A: 1. Please check if the SD card works with DVR normally;
Please use 1GB to 32GB genuine SD card.

Q: DVR system crashes when it is on.
A: 1. You can not take out or insert SD card when it is on;
2. Please make sure it is a genuine SD card.

Q: DVR doesn't record video when motion detected.
A: 1. Please set "Recording mode" to "Motion Detection"
Set "Sensitivity","Speed" and "Noise Margin" according to the suggestions on

Q: Remote control is not working.
A: 1. Check whether remote battery is flat: connect DVR with camera and monitor, pres
s anybuttons on remote, with remote LED facing the camera to see whether there is a s
park . 


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