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4-in-1 BNC to USB capture, AHD TVI CVI CVBS to USB capture PCB board , AHD to USB , TVI to UCB , CVI to USB .

4-in-1 BNC to USB capture, AHD TVI CVI CVBS to USB capture PCB board , AHD to USB , TVI to UCB , CVI to USB .

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AHD TVI CVI CVBS to USB Video Capture Card USB 3.0 for video Recorder capture  
The video capture can capture both video and audio, sending audio and video signals to computers and push tp online live broadcast platforms. Suitable for high definition acquisition, teaching recording, medical imaging, etc.

* Support input :BNC ;
output interface : USB3.0
* Support output max resolution 1920x1080P,1600*1200P,1360*768P,1280*1024P,1280*960, 1280*720P, 1024*768P,800*600P,720*480P, 720*576P, 640*480P;
* Support Frame rate;5-60FPS  select 
* Support audio and video capture : standard UVC/UAC,
* Drive : NO need to install the driver , plug and play ; 
* Support Windows and  Linux, android operating system ;
* Conform to USB Video and UVC standard;
* Conform to USB Audio UAC standard;
* Without external power supply, compact and portable.
' allowed for capture, commonly used acquisition software : OBS/potplayer(windows )
Product power consumption: 3Wat

Package include:
1 x BNC to usb video capture

4 in 1 CAPTURE is an audio and video capture device that supports AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI signal input, and USB interface output to the computer. It is a cost-effective audio and video capture card that complies with UVC/UAC specifications. The transmission interface is USB3. . 0, this machine can be compatible with WINDOWS system, LINUX system, Android ANDROID, it is a plug and play High-definition video capture tool with USB drive free.

4 in 1 CAPTURE converts AHD, CVBS, TVI, CVI and other camera signals into USB signals, and completes the collection and recording of camera signals and videos through computers, notebooks, mobile phones and other devices. At the same time, it supports lossless loop out and supports microphone synchronous audio input. The products are commonly used in security monitoring, medical equipment video capture, corporate video conferencing, education, phishing detection and other fields. Compatible with OBS, POTPLAYER, AMCAP, VLC and other acquisition software.

1. Connect the signal source to the 4IN1 INPUT interface of the capture card, if you need the loop-out function, you can connect to the LOOPING OUT interface
2. The USB OUTPUT of the capture card is connected to the computer through the USB cable, or the OTG head is connected to the mobile phone (drive-free)
3. For audio input, connect the audio signal to the MICIN interface
4. Open the acquisition software on the acquisition computer, select the device AFN_ CAP VIDEO and activate it. At this time, the red LED light flashes, indicating that the signal acquisition is successful
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