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New 5 inch TFT LCD CCTV Tester Monitor IV8W 8MP TVI AHD CVI CVBS security camera tester Support VGA HDMI input

Item No.: IV8W
The IV8W model support 8MP TVI,  8MP CVI, 8MP AHD CVBS camera testing, VGA video signal input, HDMI signal input, RS485 data searching, cable testing, LED lamp etc
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CCTV Camera Tester

NEW - IV8W : Support CVBS + AHD (8MP) + TVI (8MP) + CVI (8MP) Camera 

 This CCTV tester not supported Digital Multimeter , can not test IP camera . 
Product overview
The new HD coaxial tester is developed for the on-site installation and maintenance of HD coaxial camera, having TVI, AHD,CVI. It also provides many useful functions, such as video display, PTZ control, DC12V output power, audio test, image generator, VGA video signal input, HDMI1.0 signal input, RS485 data searching, cable testing, LED lamp etc.


Product Funtions


  •  Video signal testing

Vedio monitor tester, High-resolution 5.0 inches 800 (RGB) x480 wide viewing angle display, Viewing angle larger, easy to display the camera image quality. 

  • PTZ controller
Video monitor tester built-in Pelco-D / P PTZ control protocol, etc. , through its own RS485 interface, the user can control the PTZ up, down, left, right rotation, and adjust one machine zoom, focus, aperture size.
  •  Image generator

Multi-format video OUT port image generator, sending a variety of standard (e.g. PAL, NTSC) color graphics section
  • DC12V 1A output power
Power the camera with DC12V (1A) power output from the tester. It is helpful for demo and testing when the power supply is not available
  • Audio testing
Test the audio input from pickup devices. Connect the tester and pickup device with the audio cable.
  •  Enhanced network cable testing

By UTP CABLE TEST port on the meter, you can test the connection of network cable.

  •  VGA/HDMI input
Support VGA/HDMI 1.0 video input, once connect VGA/HDMI video, please switch selector to select HDMI or VGA mode. The maximum resolution is 1920 x 1440(IV8W ) / 1920X1080 (IV8S)
  • TVI camera test 
HD TVI video surveillance testing, support 1MP 2MP 3MP 4MP 5MP (IV8W ) / 720p 25, 30, 50,60fps/ 1080p 25,30fps (IV8S). When TVI signal input, the tester will display HD TVI camera image.
  •  AHD camera test 
HD video surveillance testing, support AHD 2.0 version, 1MP 2MP 3MP 4MP 5MP (IV8W ) /   720p 25,30fps/ 1080p 25,30fps (IV8S)  . When AHD signal input, the tester will display the AHD camera image.
  •  CVI camera test 
HD CVI video surveillance testing, support  1MP 2MP 3MP 4MP (IV8W ) / 720p 25, 30, 50,60fps/ 1080p 25,30fps (IV8S). When TVI signal input, the tester will display HD TVI camera image.
  •  LED lamp

It is useful for the engineer to install and maintain security system at night. LED On/Off pressing button, easy to operate.
  • The battery graphic display
The tester has advanced power control and protection circuit, low-power energy-saving, 4 to 5 hours on a single charge, can be used normally for 12 hours.



  •  HD coaxial tester
  • Adapter DC5V 1A(with USB cable)
  • International Standard 18650 2600ma battery
  • BNC cable
  • RS485 connector
  • Power output conversion cable
  • Audio cable
  • Lanyard
  • Tool bag
  • Instruction Manual





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