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DT-A86 7 Inch H.265 4K IP camera tester 8MP TVI CVI 5MP AHD CVBS CCTV Tester Monitor with Digital Multimet

Item No.: A86
Professional HD Combine Tester DT-A86 7 Inch H.265 4K IP camera tester 8MP TVI CVI 5MP AHD CVBS CCTV Tester Monitor with POE ONVIF RJ45 cable TDR test HDMI Input/output Digital Multimeter Optical power meter

Main Features:
● 7.0 inch all viewing angel& touch-screen, Two Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, DC12V/2A Output
● POE Ports:POE power supply, POE power receiving
● Support H.264& H.265& 4K cameras;TVI 8MP & CVI 8MP & AHD 5MP;ONVIF test(IPC Test):IP Configuration,Modify IP Address,IP Password Notebook,LAN DHCP client;LAN static IP.
● Ethernet test: Dual 1000M Ethernet link test; Packet loss test; Ethernet loop detection; etc.
● WIFI connection status:SSID, 2.4G& 5.0G band, connection rate, WIFI DHCP client, WIFI static IP, Tester as Access Point, WIFI bridge with LAN.
● WIFI tools: External foldable dual antenna, dual band Dipole omnidirectional antenna Spectrum test: Air& WIFI spectrum, Strong& Weak signal level; WIFI test:SSDI, 2.4G& 5.0G Band, MAC, Authorize type, IP address, DNS etc.; Signal monitor: Air& WIFI signal, SSDI, Frequency, 2.4G&5.0G Band, Freeze chart.
● HD IP, TVI, CVI, AHD & CVBS Camera Testing. PTZ control, Viewing camera video, configure camera parameters. Video snapshot, video recording and Playback.
● Signal generator: SD, CVI, TVI, AHD, HDMI Input and Output.
● TDR Function: Cable length Testing; 0~200m net cable detection, resolution 0.1m. Cable Quality Test.connection state and attenuation for the connected RJ45 cable
● RS485 Data monitor; Playback.
● Network tools: Ping IP/ IP scan, Sniff, List subnet
● System Setting: Setting the automatic shutdown time, Setting the screen language System upgrade , USB storage
● 8MP TVI test, 3840 x 2160P 15 fps, 4xzoom , video record &playback , coaxial PTZ control & call OSD menu
● 5MP AHD test, 2560x1944P12.5F/ 20fps, 4xzoom, video record & playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu
● 8MP CVI test, 3840 x 2160P 12.5/15fps, 4xzoom, video record& playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu
● Linux operated system: More stable operation
● Optical power meter: Wavelength:850nm,1300nm etc;Calibrate readings,Record data,Save report, Empty the temporary,Data staging
● Digital Multimeter: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance,Diode VF,Conductivity;Record data;Save the report,Empty the temporary,Data staging

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