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3G button hidden camera for exam invisible hidden camera for cheating on exams

invisible hidden camera  for cheating on tests and exams
3g video call button camera .


1.WCDMA GSM 3G Video Box
2.supporting WCDMA 3G network
3.Real-time video and audio surveillance
4.3g camera 


Specifications 3g camera

1.WCDMA GSM 3G Video Box
2.supporting WCDMA 3G network
3.Real-time video and audio surveillance
4.SMS Remote Control

Main functions:

3G video call

PAL/NTSC camera video & audio in

Picture motion detection

Alarm SMS and MMS picture

Video call/ Pictures saved in Micro SD

Audio call

2 ways alarm in & 1 way out

Self recharge Li-ion battery

1.Brief description 3g camera


With this high-tech wireless camera, you can detect anywhere at anytime by dialing video calls with 3G mobile phone. The 3G video box can be widely used in house, school, shop, moving cars, trains or take care of elders and children as long as WCDMA network is available. Modern design 3G video box matches excellent 300,000 pixel camera with night vision function. Withthe built-in high-light infrared LED, the camera can shoot clear film even in darkness. The Remote camera has infrared motion detector, you or your family or your guards can receive the alarm message and picture when the sensor was triggered.

2. Features 3g camera

This product uses USIM card, supporting WCDMA 3G network.

Real-time video and audio surveillance: by your 3G phone, you can see area anytime and anywhere through

3G video call.

Video and Audio in.

You can send SMS to control the camera remotely.

Max 5 users and 2 alarm receivers supported

Two ways in for alarm signal

1 way out for alarm signal

Camera motion detection

Alarm message

Picture,video call files can be saved in SD card

Built-in Lithium battery: Rechargeable battery ensuring operation in case of external power failure

Application: taking care of the elders and children, in house, school, monitoring shop, bus, ship, and train etc.

Alarm in and out

You can connect alarming horn (Max 4V/100mA) with the camera with "alarm out" slot. When the security

device is alarmed, the alarming horn will active 60 seconds

You can also connect two wired alarm sensors to the video box. In "armed mode", the sensors signal will

make the box alarm.

3.Parameter 3g camera

Network: Model A

HSDPA/UMTS 850/1900 MHz GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800 MHz

Model E

HSDPA/UMTS 900/2100 MHz GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800 MHz

Transfer rate:Down and up linkdata rate up to 384 kbps Video call standard:3GPP QCIF 176144

Video record in SD card:320240


Mirco SD (TF) support:8GB Max Adapter:12V 1A Li-ion:1500mAh Size:72mm62mm20mm Net weight (with


4.Applications 3g camera

1) CCTV surveillance system upgrade: On the basis of the original CCTV monitoring / alarm system, you only need to connect video, audio, alarm signal to the 3G box. Then you can watch the video and get alarm SMS by your 3G cell phone.


4.Package Contain 3g camera

1 main Video box
1 adapter
1 Video Audio cable
1 Manual

1 x antenna

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