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1CH DVR Hidden Video Recording System MINI DVR

1. D1 704*576 Resolution
2. 32GB SD memory record
3. Easy Installation for vehicle use
4. No-MOQ service with fast delivery
5. 15 days for un-conditional return for samples


 Resolution: D1 (704*576), VGA (640*480), QVGA (320*240)

Power-off protection & wide voltage 8-32V supplying cameras

32GB SD card supported, recording up to 32hours (D1, 30f/s)

Ignition/power-up/manual/motion detect recording

Mpeg-4/ASF video format, MP3 audio format

Frame: 5, 15,30f/s selectable & overwrite

Metal lock for SD card and cables access

Products Size :68 x 50 x 20 MM

box size: 124x 100x 75 MM





Q: DVR can not read SD card
A: Please use 1GB to 32GB genuine SD card.

Q: No images on TV after turn on the DVR.
A: Please check the cable is correctly connected. Yellow connector should connect with
video input port on TV.

Q: No sounds when playing video.
A: Please check the cable is correctly connected. Red connector should connect with a
udio input port on TV.
B: The camera connected with DVR should be with audio feature

Q: No recorded files in SD card after system records.
A: 1. Please check if the SD card works with DVR normally;
Please use 1GB to 32GB genuine SD card.

Q: DVR system crashes when it is on.
A: 1. You can not take out or insert SD card when it is on;
2. Please make sure it is a genuine SD card.

Q: DVR doesn't record video when motion detected.
A: 1. Please set "Recording mode" to "Motion Detection"
Set "Sensitivity","Speed" and "Noise Margin" according to the suggestions on

Q: Remote control is not working.
A: 1. Check whether remote battery is flat: connect DVR with camera and monitor, pres
s anybuttons on remote, with remote LED facing the camera to see whether there is a s
park . 





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